gaining weight in 4 months?

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    Dec 12, 2007 3:33 AM GMT
    Hi, I am new to this whole "working out" thing. I have never weight trained in my life. I mean I have lifted some weights but nothing big.
    I am currently 22 5'6 and 130 pounds. I want to bulk up and be at least 150 in 4 months if possible for my brothers wedding. Is there step by step programs at this site as to what I should eat, exact weights I should be using. Will I need to go to the gym? or can I lift heave stuff at home? haha I have never been to the gym so I don't want to be the "little guy" there that everyone mocks as being an idiot or something. I am new to the area and I don't know anyone at all it would be weird for me to go to the gym by myself.

    Looking for anyone's advice as I am serious about this and it would be a dream of mine to have a chest and an all around body to be happy with.

    Thanks guys,
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    Dec 12, 2007 8:02 AM GMT
    ummm not too sure i should help with a how to build up, however dont let being small prevent you from going to the gym. im pretty small and people rather than giving me looks or scorn tend to offer more help than anything. they have showed me diff workouts and proper execution. and i go by myself for the most part, but have met ppl at the gym that have become workout partners.
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    Dec 12, 2007 3:50 PM GMT
    Try the muscle-building workouts here designed to help you gain weight. they work. Eat alot, and consider taking some Muscle Milk (it's pretty inexpensive for the results you'll get).

    Not sure if you can bulk up that quickly, but I've gained 60 pounds this year (without steroids! - everyone asks me if that's how I did it), and when I started kicking it with eating and muscle milk, I did gain weight pretty quickly and effectively. It's one of the benefits of being your weight, you can tend to gain weight pretty easily if you're disciplined about it.

    PS: Most guys at the gym (at least the ones I go to) won't judge you for "being the little guy". They'll respect that you're actually working out and taking care of yourself. When I started to get serious at the beginning of this year, I actually started asking for advice from some of the guys that I wanted to look like. Most were more than happy to give some advice or to offer tips on how to push myself and keep myself motivated.
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    Dec 12, 2007 7:18 PM GMT
    You see food, you eat it.

    If you're 150 at 5'6", and have never lifted, likely you'll be able to be a solid 180, or more, without even trying hard. (I just read you're 130, so you're light).

    Although you don't have much in pictures, if you're as heavy as that, at that height, and not fat, and haven't lifted, you're gonna' spurt, with ease.

    Eat lots of good solid food. Keep the fast sugar down (sugars on the nutrition calc).

    Eat lot of meat, fish, poultry.
    Eat lots of dense carbs (starch) spagetti, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grits, oatmeal.

    Just keep eating.

    It sounds like you're a natural.

    Eat, and eat some more. You won't get fat, as long as you keep your fats moderate and your carbs and protein high.

    I accept all major cards, EFT, cash, and E-check, if you'd like a diet done.

    I bounce my body weight around all the time. I may have a 50# variance annually. Main thing: EAT.

    You're in Idaho. Eat potatoes, raw, all day long. Eat 40 to 60 grams of protein every 3 hours. Drink plenty of water. Eat whatever you want 1 or 2 days a, ice cream, whatever...and plenty of it. Get that metabolism going and you'll grow like a weed.

    1 day a week, you hit the buffet, and eat until it hurts, then, eat extra. You'll be 150 in nothing flat.
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    Dec 13, 2007 1:01 AM GMT
    good thread. i want to start the muscle-building program, but i've kind of been putting it off. this semester i've been really busy working two jobs and taking 15 hours. next semester i scheduled some down time (about 1.5-2 hours) specifically dedicated to working out. I, too however, am kinda on the slim side at 6'0" and 145lbs.
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    Dec 18, 2007 5:36 AM GMT
    OKay so I'm 5'6" as well. Before I started college I ran a lot and did not ever lift. I was a lean 135 before college (just started freshman year). So Now after semester's end, I'm at 145-150 with ease. 4 months is no problem to gain 20 lbs. I did it in 3 without trying. All you need to do is to eat a lot and work out 3-4x a week for about 90 mins(at least 45 mins of lifting and rest can be cardio). Eat lots of carbs and protein as stated before. Key is protein. you need lots of it to gain muscle, I've tried everything else and protein does the trick. I got a box of 28g bars for 14$ not expensive at all. Depending on where you want to build muscle is the next step. For me, I didn't jsut want to put on weight just to be heavy. I've seen guys with huge arms, but still had that little gut. If you want fast weight gain without the gut, make sure you don't neglect the abs!!! The thing that worked best was the inclined situp machine, which allows more movement per rep. Good luck!!!!

    PS- I was even inactive during summer, so i wasn't in that great of shape to start gaining weight.
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    Dec 18, 2007 6:54 AM GMT
    A minority opinion:

    If you've always been thin, and are not particularly muscular, there is no foundation for Chucklet's assertion that "you're a natural".

    If you have been undereating, correcting your nutrition will help you put on some lean mass - but going the Chucklet approach, sometimes called the "See Food" diet (you see food, you eat it) is going to put on as much fat as muscle, if not more.

    1) Join a gym.
    2) Get a qualified trainer to assess your current eating habits and teach you how to lift safely.
    3) Forget having a target weight - instead, focus on making positive changes, regardless of what the scale tells you - in fact, if you don't get on a scale at all in the 4 months, it wouldn't be a bad thing.
    4) Be sensitive to how your clothes are fitting. If your pants get tight in the waist, but your shirts are not getting tighter through the shoulders, you're not putting the mass where you really want it.
    5) Expect it to take 6-8 weeks before anyone else notices changes. Studies have shown that is how long it takes for most positive changes to become visible to 3rd parties.