So I'm working with some of my clients to set up off-season habits. Things that are easy to incorporate into a daily routine that will pay off next year in their racing season.

Here's what I have done for the first two weeks:

Last week’s habit was:

1) When you wash your hands, sing the Happy Birthday song to yourself twice while washing (let’s stay healthy)
2) When you wash your hands or brush your teeth, stand on one leg.

This week habit:

1) Every day, do pushups and sit ups. Today, start with 10 push ups and 20 sit ups. (feel free to do any variations that you want). Every day, add one more push up and two more sit ups. Do this until you reach 50 push ups and a 100 sit ups. It is perfectly appropriate for you to incorporate this into other workouts.

Challenge for the week:

Stand on one leg. Take the opposite arm and touch the pinky toe of the foot you are standing on. Come back up. Work up to being able to repeat 10 times without putting your foot down.

Anybody else have suggestions for other habits? Do you have any habits of your own?