Hii, sorry if this was previously posted (i searched but didn't find anything) but I had a question about the two. Asking which one is better would kind of be a dumb question, because it's more of a based-on-your-needs type thing. So which needs would each fill best? Do any of you have any reccomendations? Both are made from the same company (cytosport) but both have very different supplement facts so I'm ssure there's a difference. The talk about different/good fats, length of peptides, and level of digestion is very confusing to me to be honest.

Ideally, I would love something that will help me burn fat (especially the fair collection of it on my tummy) yet at the same time help me bulk up. From what I've read online, the two sound very contradictory because I want to bulk up, yet lose fat? I'm training to be a dancer. I would love to be bigger and stronger. But I'm scared of losing jump height and turn agility as a result of being bigger. This is the cause as to why I'm not sure what my "needs" are as far as this stuff.

Soooo.. just to make a better decision between the two, which do you think each one is suited for? Pros and cons of each? Any health risks? After knowing each, I'll just outweigh one over the other..

Thanks ahead of time... =)