Holiday Traditions

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    Dec 18, 2007 1:20 AM GMT
    Hi guys,

    I was wondering what kind of holiday traditions people have on here? Do you go to some seasonal performances (Nutcracker, Handel's Messiah, etc.) Do you have special treats you make this time of year?

    For me, my husband and I always make fruitcakes. We actually make them in late October or early November. We let them age a bit and then give them as gifts to our friends and family. Yes, they actually do like our fruitcakes and always ask for them each year.

    A new tradition this year is that I'm making marshmallows to give out as gifts. Made some regular, chocloate-covered and coconut.
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    Dec 18, 2007 1:52 AM GMT
    Wow Medford, can you make one for me? LOL

    I think traditions here are more associated with decorating. My mother made Christmas such a totally special experience, decorations from the time I was born (and some cases before) are probably some of the most valuable property we own.

    A few (which may sound odd): I have an 8x10 photo of my first Christmas which my parents took with me in my stroller by the tree. You can see the decorated tree there with decorations (in the photo) and one can see those same decorations today on my family tree in my family room.

    Others: I have 4 c9 outdoor light cords my parents bought in 1972. We used them on our house until 2000 (when they joined the cords they used prior to 1972 in a box and I've decided to have those '72 cords on my house next year.....and there are still 16 of the 100 lights that are original from 1972. The strange things you notice when one is a little kid.

    I still have the cellaphane wreaths my mother put in the windows of the home I was born in (and predates me)
    and still use the garlands that go back to 1971.
    I even have the 4 foot artificial tree I got in 7th grade in my bedroom. The odd things can continue, but for me, these decorations mean for than Christmas... it means family. Its who I am.
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    Dec 18, 2007 2:21 AM GMT
    Many of our tree decorations come from our travels. I remember where and when we bought them and that makes the tree-trimming very special.

    As a child I would always set up the nativity set for my family. It was a plaster set from Italy that a nun gave to my grandmother as a thank you for cooking for them. I would set up everything, except the baby Jesus because you couldn't put him in the cradle until Christmas morning.
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    Dec 18, 2007 4:16 AM GMT
    I don't have any, every holiday has been very different; but my partner and his family have a lot of traditions around Christmas, Hogmanay, and 12th night.

    His uncles home, a stone tower house, is decorated from top to bottom with evergreens, holly, etc.

    The feasting, music, and dancing are increible; but for me the most fun is just watching how close they are as a family.

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    Dec 18, 2007 4:22 AM GMT
    We have a tradition of feasting on Christmas Eve and then heading to a candle light Christmas service (yeah, church... that ought to cause some consternation with some of the guys here)... then Christmas morning we have a special egg dish that we only make Christmas morning... we've never made it any other time...keeps it special.