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    Dec 27, 2007 10:14 PM GMT
    This thread is to seek guys who workout from home and not the Gym.

    -What types of sets you are currently doing
    -Share home workout sets
    -Tips & help

    Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knew if there is a forum for home workouts?

    Any information will be helpful.

    Thank you!icon_lol.gif
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    Jan 01, 2008 12:40 PM GMT
    -If you're easily distracted, don't workout with interference like tv or computers turned on (keep your exercise area separate from everything else)

    -Don't waste time with arranging a music list, just put a cd in and put it on random

    -Use your rest breaks to clean up the house, take out the garbage etc...

    -Having a wall of inspiration helped me when I started working out. I stuck up pictures of good healthy bodies (and hot guys) and they became my target to achieve

    -If you don't like being around the house so much, get a pair of runners or a bike

    -enjoy it; make noise, swear, sing, talk to yourself for motivation, fart, breathe heavily and grunt as much as you want, pose in front of the mirror

    What I've got to work with is a small weight bench, swimming pool, a punching bag and a skipping rope and it's all I need. The best thing about doing it at home is that I can get on with other things straight afterwards without having to travel anywhere though it can be a disadvantage when I'm in between sets and get bored so I see what other people are doing and end up on youtube for longer than necessary.
    With all my sets, I don't really count them, I just do them till failure or divide it up with what other exercises I'm doing that day and how much time I've got and try to challenge yourself each week by swapping exercises.
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    Jan 18, 2008 10:38 PM GMT
    Hey man, thanks for the tip, you got me laughing cause I do work with tv on and music from my pc and I do get stuck changing tracks. Good advice.

    Take care