New to honest exercising...

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    Jan 09, 2008 11:03 AM GMT
    Hello everyone, I would first like to say that this is the first time I have ever truly decided to get fit/toned/healthy in my life. Now I know some of the basic things about exercise(IE: stretching is always good before any physical activity, keep hydrated, that sort of stuff) but I really am clueless as to what I am doing.

    Is it better for a person to start with an emphasis on looseing weight and trimming down, or would muscle building be a more appropriat start for a man with a large body mass?

    What kinds of exercises would be good for someone who is just starting out that wouldn't require a full gym to do?

    Should I consult a doctor before even getting into a serious exercise routine?

    Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be MOST welcome. Also if you have any links to helpful web sites those would be welcome too.

    Thank you all in advance and may you have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening.

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    Jan 09, 2008 2:00 PM GMT
    First of all congrats on making the commitment to change.

    Without a doubt losing the weight should be yuor primary goal, how far yuo want to take that is up to you.

    Now your first thoughts maybe to run and weight train I would suggest running is the last thing you want to be doing as, no offence, you are carrying alot of weight there and it wont do much good for your joints, heart or indeed your skin. Let diet lose the weight and I dont mean a life of lettuce and bland food. But 80& of your time is spent eating compared to 20% gym time. So use your gym time effectively and work the muscle hard and pogressively to retain it.

    With your diet start by making cleaner healthier choices and then start reducing the volume of what you eat, yes you maybe hungry a little at first but you will soon adjust.

    At the end of the day like you I had my cake and ate it and it meant that a sacrifice was needed but get your training right and your diet right and you can minimise that sacrifice for the great reward at the end

    Good strength to you and heres looking at 50 lbs plus loss in 6 months

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    Jan 09, 2008 2:12 PM GMT
    I highly recommend getting a personal trainer. A personal trainer will make your workout time so much more effective. Also, your PT can advise you on your nutrition.

    A PT is expensive. But, boy, is the investment worth it. I have one for the first time now and he is great. I had no idea how much a PT does for you. Spend the money, make the best use of your time, reach your health goals, and have someone to keep you on track.

    You will get the money back in a better life.
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    Jan 09, 2008 5:51 PM GMT
    I am tell about my nutrition/diet that my PT has recommended

    First, I only eat organic foods now. The reasons are that commercially produced foods that you find in the supermarket have either had all the nutrition processed out of them or have been "poisoned."

    The fruits and veggies are laced with insecticides. The meats are even worse with growth hormones and antibiotics. And we wonder why kids are becoming sexually active sooner with growth hormones being fed to them. And cancers are occuring at exponentially greater rates.

    I now juice a lot. At first, I juiced fruits and veggies. I could make a decent tasting veggie drink of broccoli, carrots, celery, cabbage, and apples. That really got me started and picked me up. This is the juicer I got: Omega Model 8003

    The idea behind juicing is that you can take in a lot more nutrition than you can trying to eat all the veggies and fruits whole. Also, you save the body the work of digesting all that whole food. Instead the body can just absorb all the nutrition easily from the juice.

    Here is a great site to learn about the nutritional and health benefits of various foods: The World's Healthiest Foods

    The list of foods:

    Recipes: Scroll up to the top of the page. For some strange reason it comes in at the middle of the page.

    Essential nutrients:

    Now I have settled into a routine of juicing organic oranges with pineapple in the morning. I either juice a fresh pineapple with the oranges or use Lakewood Juice. It is a fresh pressed juice with a lot of nutrients retained.

    For breakfast, I boil eggs. For lunch, I like the organic hot dogs: chicken or beef. Often breakfast and lunch are combined into brunch.

    In the evening, I juice organic apples with cranberries. Again, if I can get fresh cranberries, I use the Lakewood Pure Cranberry juice.

    At dinner, I make a large "green" salad, using organic romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and red cabbage. I add tuna or salmon or chicken or cheese to the salad for protein and other nutrients.

    Or I have a smaller version of the salad with roast chicken or hamburger or a ham steak...all organic, of course.

    A cheese I really love is the sharp cheddar made with raw milk by Organic Valley cooperative.

    I also eat their eggs for breakfast. They are high in vitamin E.

    To lose weight, my PT has told me to limit grains in my diet. But if you want a great bread that is really nutritious, try Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted bread. It has a firm texture. It is great for toast.

    But I dont recommend Ezekiel cereal. Talk about a box of twigs and bark! I wasnt sure I would still have teeth by the end of the first bowl. Well, you can soften it with warm milk, I guess.

    I drink tea and coffee. Red Rose Tea and Tasters Choice coffee. Probably they arent organic. Tough, I like 'em. Or sometimes, if I have time, I grind organic coffee beans in the juicer and use them.

    There is a natural sweetener called Stevia. You can try that. I dont care for sweeteners other than sugar. Again, tough!

    I still enjoy chocolate pudding for dessert often. All organic:
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/3 cup cocoa powder
    2 tbls corn starch
    1 egg yolk
    1 capful of vanilla
    2 cups of fat free milk

    Mix the sugar, cocoa, and corn starch in a bowl. Slowly add the milk at first and mix til the dry ingredients are all moist (this prevents dry clumps floating around if you add the milk all at once). Add vanilla and egg yolk. Mix with a wisk.

    I cook my pudding in the microwave so it wont burn on the bottom. In my microwave oven, I cook for 5 minutes, then take it out and stir it with a wisk. Then microwave it for another 2 minutes. Take it out, stir with the wisk. I like to eat my pudding hot.

    Ok, that is all I can think of to say at this time.

    Oh, and to the point, I am losing weight. Slowly, about a pound a week or so. But I am not hungry and I still have my chocolate pudding when I want.

    Good luck.
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    Jan 09, 2008 11:19 PM GMT
    Thats a very detailed eating plan Carlson, but, your looking damn good for it!

    To Freakyninjamonkey (Love the name btw)
    I think the key thing to losing weight is developing an eating plan that you will stick too.

    The first time I tried to lose weight, I suffered horribly because it was extremely strict. I hated it and continued to hate it even though I lost weight.

    Then I gave up and let go and gained a little more back on.

    Second time around, I just researched what was good and what wasn't, no "diet" no restrictions and no beating my self up for eating something bad.

    I changed my eating habits, I changed junk food for other more healthy things I enjoyed. Yes, it wasn't as good, but I felt the better for it.

    I also stopped eating as much gave up fizzy drink (soda) completely and now only drink water, I don't keep cookies/biscuits around the house and I've stopped baking so much.

    But, I still enjoy the occasional take out/chocolate/ice cream/what ever takes my fancy and I'll eat until I'm full, I still have real butter and cream in the house and I use it a lot, I still eat meat that has fat on it (and aint no one taking that away from me) and I still do like and have cake and other baked goods. I just don't eat them as much as I used too.

    I'm a big foodie and love all food, good or bad, I'll eat anything and everything but I try to not go over board.

    I actually found doing it my way where I still enjoyed food and still let my self eat I lost more weight faster. I lost 55 pounds in 6 months (25 kilos) which although in its self wasn't astounding, what was astounding though is that I didn't follow a strict and (to me at least) bland/boring/tight "diet" I never felt starved, never skipped a meal, always enjoyed my food and most of all extremely happy with my self.

    I think it was the happiness factor that worked for me at the end, because the more happy I became the more motivated I was to find new enjoyments in new "better" food. It did however start slow and on occasion I have given up for a couple of days but, I went back to it and kept losing the weight.

    However, what works for me, may not work for you. You don't have to be ultra strict with your self, but you do have to be thoughtful in what you eat and how much of it and always try to find a balance between what you enjoy and what you should have.