Hey guys,

I'm new to strength training, and I just did my first "real" session at the gym yesterday. "Real" in the sense that it was on my own and not with my trainer, who I'd worked with for a few months before.

My trainer emphasized floor exercises over weights and machines because I was starting out from the absolute beginning and was super weak. That's not to say I never lifted, but not as much as I would have liked, and now that I'm on my own I'm still not sure how much I should be feeling that burn when I lift or use the machines. (And yeah, I talked about this with him, but I think he was so experienced and "old school" he couldn't really explain it because he just knew how it was supposed to feel.)

I was trained to do long sets (24 reps per), so if I do two sets of an exercise, at what point should I really be feeling that burn and starting to strain to finish each rep? I think the weights per exercise that my trainer left me with were too light, because I was able to complete them with little effort.

I'm upping the weight, but I'm still not sure how much. I mean, I want to be fairly sore in the muscles I'm targeting by the time I'm done, right? I guess that's what I'm asking -- what should I be feeling like by the time I'm done with an exercise?

Thanks for any advice!