getting over an obsession

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    Jan 11, 2008 6:28 AM GMT
    well, here at school theres a few hot guys, one in particular lives two doors down from he, he is pretty much the perfect guy, everything i could possibly want except for the little problem that hes straight. and for almost every night since the start of school all i can do is think bout him and just hopin one nite hell come to my room and let me know that he wants to be with me. and not just sex but a full relationship. but i know thats not goin to happen. part of it is never having a relationship, ive had a couple of experiences with guys but nothing to major and i desperately want one. which can lead to problems in itself. anyway, is there any way i can get around obsessing bout him or am i doomed to spend this whole time wanting him until i graduate or till i find a guy. help is greatley welcomed

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    Jan 11, 2008 4:59 PM GMT
    No guy is perfect and when you get to know them that is when their imperfections become clear.

    When obsession has got you it has got you and there is little to do about it but wait it out and try to fill your time with something else. Pittsburgh isn't such a small town that there aren't places where you can put yourself out there to meet people.

    You know I had such a longing to meet my soul mate that it was just pure agony. One day I finally said fuckit and came to the conclusion I was destined to be an old maid. Literally the next day, when I had really and truly given up, I met my partner.

    Now I think his imperfections are his best features.

    There is something magical about surrender. When we acknowledge that we cannot control a situation (whatever it is) then we have a half a chance of getting somewhere.

    Your post is so so honest and I am sure we have all been there. I am sure your going to end up with someone better than you could ever imagine (in ways you don't even imagine.)