Knee pain - ARGGGGG!

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    Jan 14, 2008 1:54 AM GMT
    I've had knee pains for several years now - probably ever since I started working out. I used to blame the exercise bike but now I think it's due to an injury I had in my early twenties. My kneecap "shifted" when I turned the wrong way. After a few hours the pain went away & I felt fine. Fast forward several years when I start to work out consistently & the pain begins.

    It used to only be on my left knee and it started out as a "snapping" or "popping" when I climbed stairs or bent my knees. Now I'm experiencing a bit of pain with the "snapping" and my right knee is now affected.

    Leg exercises are a huge pain for me. I avoid extensions like the plague, however squats can also be slightly painful. Recently I've been doing squats against a wall with a ball & no weights. As long as I don't squat completely down, things seem to be OK. I've also been doing reverse lunges with no weights, and leg curls aren't a problem. I also have been doing standing leg lifts with my toes pointed out...a suggestion given to me when I saw a physical therapist 2 years ago.

    For cardio I use the elliptical - this seems to be the most comfortable machine for me.

    Any suggestions on exercises, techniques, therapies? I've been taking Osteo Bi-Flex & Fish Oil supplements for about a month now. Haven't noticed any major differences.

    I'd appreciate any help! I'll be going back to the Doctor in Feburary for some professional advice, but I thought I'd ask the pro's in the forum as well. icon_smile.gif

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    Jan 14, 2008 7:07 AM GMT
    I did cross country for 4 years and my knee would give out randomly (fatty pad and joint issues). The only way I could work my legs and gain the muscle mass I needed without hurting myself furthur was by grabbing a kickboard and hitting the pool. The water has little resistance and if you do sprint sets you can get the workout you need without damaging yourself.
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    Jan 14, 2008 4:10 PM GMT
    I would agree with bohswim about the water. I know that it has helped me out plenty of times from my knee pains (severe tendinitis and some minor arthritis). The water will help build up some muscle strength and allow your body to rest from it. I know that's what helped me out at times from the years of running that I have done.
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    Jan 14, 2008 4:44 PM GMT
    See a specialist on this.
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    Jan 16, 2008 6:06 PM GMT
    I have this. The snapping and poping is caused by dry/rough cartilage in the back of your leg, the knee pain is all muscular. The dryness can be offset by glaucosamene which will deliver moisture to the areas and help to keep it locked in. A massage therapist would be a good idea to check out, and being that you dont need a doctor referral to see them like you do physical therapists, it would be easier on your pocketbook. Also quad strength should be improved as that is the muscle attached to your knee cap. Stretches you can do involve v-sit, hamstring and knee cap stretches (Relax your leg straight out infront of you and push it up, down and toward the other leg lightly for 30 seconds each for 5 min). Get a neoprene brace, elevate the leg with a pillow when theres pain and use an ice pack for 30 min every few hours when pain occurs to offset inflammation. Just saw a doctor yesterday about this actually.