Best Gay Beaches around the world! (Clothed or Naked)

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    Jan 14, 2008 11:29 AM GMT
    Guys, I had the privilage of travelling to Spain and on New Years Day I was on the gay beach in Barcelona. It was too cold but will experience that again this summer when more people are on it.

    I was in the Canary Island (Lanzarote) Porto del Carmen and Playa Blanca, but did not find any nude beaches however the people were absolutly warm to my boyfriend and I.

    We also spent a week in Marbella on the south coast of Spain and there is a beach about 10k from Marbella going towards Torromalinas. It has very private areas in and around the sand dunes. However there are many dressed voyers strolling around looking for free sex. During summer monthes the beach is crawling with naked men. By the way Torromalinas is on the coast as well with very pretty beaches. There are dozens of gay bars in Torromalinas for all tastes if you are into that. It was something to see!

    I have been to the Nude beach North of Miami (Haulover)a few years back and that one is very popular and some VGL men.

    If you have any great beaches to share, please do.
  • roadbike

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    Jan 14, 2008 2:35 PM GMT
    In the San Diego area, there is a nude beach between La Jolla and Del Mar named Black's Beach. There is a path that you can follow to hike down from the cliffs at Torrey Pines Glider Port. Once you arrive at the beach, the surfing beach is to the left (south), the straight/family area is where you are standing, and the gay beach is to the right (north). I used to ride my mountain bike on the sand by the water's edge to the gay beach via La Jolla Shores. If you try that approach from either La Jolla or Del Mar, pay attention to the tides.
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    Jan 14, 2008 5:13 PM GMT
    Black's is a really awesome beach. Sometimes you see some sights you wish you hadn't (nudity and volleyball just don't mix!), but the scenery is beautiful. Watch out for the stingrays, though!
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    Jan 15, 2008 9:08 AM GMT
    Little Beach on Maui.

    Little Beach is located in Makena which sits right next to the famous Wailea area (known for its 5-star hotels and pricey shopping).

    You have to find the signs to Big Beach from Makena Road, park and walk out to the beach, walk towards the right up and over the lava rock into Little Beach which is 100% private and clothing optional.

    The far side of Little Beach is usually populated w/ "da-boys" - some are naked others are not.

    Its a great place without exception. And if you're looking for a gay hotel on Maui: check-out the "Maui Sunseeker" in's the place - its a budget style hotel and fun - and directly across the street from the ocean.
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    Jan 15, 2008 11:54 AM GMT
    Chris11102 saidGunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. An enormous (by Northeast Coast standards) clean, legal (part of the National Parks system), clothing-optional beach that's hugely popular late-May to late-September. Tons of Gay guys, but a great mix of lesbians, straights and families.
    Best of all, it's easily accessible by ferry from Manhattan.

    I'd have to agree with Chris. Although I've never been to any European beaches. Gunnison is one of the best in the US. On clear days, the Manhattan skyline is visible from the beach which gives it a very cosmopolitan feel, yet it is situated next to a nature preserve which makes it also feel remote.

    It's protected by US National Park rangers who are actually gay friendly. I've seen them escort straight troublemakers off the beach. There are showers, restrooms, and a snack bar at the entrance and you can even buy beer at a stand on the beach. Alcoholic beverages are fine as long as they are not in glass containers.

    The vibe there is just great also. I've made friends with a number of beachgoers who I keep in touch with throughout the year. And if you are into running or biking, there is a fantastic paved path on the outside.

    Okay..... can you tell I'm a fan?
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    Jan 15, 2008 12:43 PM GMT
    The only gay beach and nudist beach I have been to is Casuarina Beach, Darwin , Australia. The beach is nice, really wide and not many people. But there a warning not to swim there because of the box jelly fish and salt crocodile that suppose to be abundant during the time of my visit. I saw a few naked guys there (I dont bother with the girls). I also pick up one Aussie guys there , get in the bush and perform bj to each other.
    We really taking risk though, sex in public places is illegal in Australia.
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    Jan 15, 2008 1:03 PM GMT
    I have only been to one "gay" beach. It is called Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. It was nice. You go to Manuel Antonio and it is just another straight tourist beach. You walk up the beach a ways, then climb over some rocks and land into a small cove. It was a great hidden spot, but it does not exist anymore. They are building a hotel right on the beach. I was there about 15 months ago and it was nearly finished. I imagine it is complete and the "gay" beach is extinct.
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    Jan 15, 2008 1:55 PM GMT
    rksportswear: it is too bad that you did not stop in Benalmadena on your way from Marbella to Torremolinos. The best beach along the coast is Benalnatura. It is for nudists only. I go there all year round and was there only a few days ago and would be there today except I am packing for a trip out of town. It is the best beach because it is in a deep cove surrounded by trees and bushes and has a chininquito, a beach bar with food, open in the warmer months, from Easter through October. Gays are very welcome there and there are cruisy spots around the rocks both north and south of the main beach but I do not partake of that because I am in a monogamous relationship, but it is there incase any one is interested. It is a very friendly beach and I have met most of our friends there.
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    Jan 15, 2008 10:36 PM GMT

    I was there at that beach twice while on the south coast of Spain. Very cruisy I will say, some ass wanted to play with "our" asses while we were lying there.
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    Jan 15, 2008 10:48 PM GMT
    Mykonos need I say more.... Elias beach what goes on on the rocks stays on the rocks.....well most of the time.

    And a must for all you hedonists is Ibiza Las Salinas

    Not only do you have a beach where anything and everything goes on but you have a beach resteraunt which serves food to die for, chill on the beach do what you will clothed or unclothed the choice s is yours and even get a massage from a sexy Spanish lad, but you wont probably need to pay for one as there will be plenty of offers. For the little more adventurous wander into the sand dunes for a little afternoon nap ;-)
  • GQjock

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    Jan 15, 2008 10:57 PM GMT
    Okay .... here goes

    The east coast... The Pines Fire Island in NY
    Miami SoBe 12 Ave beach

    Sitges Barcelona Mykonos