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    Jan 17, 2008 4:13 PM GMT
    Hey, looking around everyone's advices, coming from you guys, from and my gym instructor; I've created this workout.
    It aims to gain weight.

    Here it is:
    Each exercices is made of 3sets 10/8/6 Reps to failure.
    Biceps and triceps on fridays are supersets.

    Back(4): Pull ups, Seated Row, N. Grip Pulldown, Shrugs
    Biceps(3): Reverse Plate Curl, Hammer curl, cable preacher curl
    Oblique(2): Machine, Side Bridge
    Chest(4): Wide Grip Bench Press, Decline Flyes, Incline Barbell, Butterfly
    Triceps(3): Close grip bench press, Dips, Triceps Extension
    Abs/Lower Back(2): Abs Machine, Lying Leg raise
    WEDNESDAY: Rest (+Stomach Vacuum (Abs))
    Shoulders(4): Shoulder Press Machine, Upright Row Dumbbell, Behind neck press, Shrugs
    Leg(3): Leg Press, Seated Leg Curl, Calf Press on Leg Press
    Oblique(2): Machine, Side Bridge,
    FRIDAY (biceps and triceps in superset)
    Biceps(3): Barbell curl (1A), Chin ups (2A), Cable preacher curl (3A)
    Triceps(3): Close grip bench press (1B), Dips (2B), Triceps Extension (3B)
    Abs / Lower back(2): Back Extension, Leg Raise Parallel Bars
    WEEKEND: Rest (+Stomach Vacuum (Abs))

    Besides working out, I'm folowing a nutrition plan with 3500 cals/day; 3 shakes: one during WO (isolate whey + oats) one just after (whey hydrolysed+creatine), and one one hour b4 bed (casein protein).
    Also use glutamine and HMB 3 times a day.

    What do you think guys? Any good?
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    Jan 18, 2008 12:37 AM GMT
    Your on your way. Just make sure you eat lots of protein and get plenty of rest and try not to over train.
    Good luck
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    Jan 19, 2008 8:52 PM GMT
    Thanks maxx10, you're always helpful and motivating with everybody's questions...

    Anyone else's opinion?

    Would just add for the UK jocks about nutrition that i've looked for a long time good supplements (while having a student wallet) and my stuff now mainly come from myprotein, cheap n good product i think. It's not advertisement really, more getting you to look at another option.