20 ways to stretch your dollars in EuropeStory

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    Jan 27, 2008 4:16 AM GMT
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    Jan 27, 2008 1:00 PM GMT
    Not a bad article but even then some of his prices are way over the top. Plan your trip before yuo come to England and you could knock a 3rd off that hotel bill, OK it wasnt glamorous but it was clean but I have stayed in a hotel for £35 with three of us in the room.

    Tips: Yep you Americans do love them, us Europeans are more of the mind set that the owenrs should pay more and not seend round begging bowls! We never ever tip at a bar and the current trend in Soho to hand you your change on a plate never ever gets a result from us. Its a cheek no-one tips me for my job and its why we have a national minimum wage.

    Also always check your bills in resteraunts again especially in London, I was shocked to see Ballans, a great resterauntin Soho and hugely popular already adds on 12 1/2 % tip. Most are being savvy on this or give you the option if paying by card to add a tip.

    Paying for those trips and goods, now Id check this with your credit card company first, but I always find to pay for expensive things by my credit card rather than cashing a travellers cheque works out far cheaper and the exchange rate is more favourable. Unlike the US most shops will not take travellers cheques in payment.

    Paris, and indeed most major cities are notorious for having one rate for tourists and one rate for nationals. (Im not talking your major chain resteraunts here) one trick I found was never to eat in cafe's around major tourist attractions, Id always eat at one on the way to an attraction rather than overlooking it.

    If yuo are travelling to London too, never hire a car it just isnt worth the stress or the cost as you wont get round easy! But always go to: www.tfl.gov.uk and get an Oyster Card as soon as you arrive, yuor travel will be half the price then. France operates a similar system of cards