For the sake and sanity of most....

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    Jan 31, 2008 3:35 AM GMT
    just verify your profile and prove that its really you.
    There has been a few fakes that have been filtered through posts. Sometimes they are caught most of time they are not. Its not like you have to do anything drastic. As long as u have a pic of ur face in your profile, could even be in private photos. Just take a paper write Realjock123 on it take a face pic with the paper in view. And send it. The link is
    just upload the photo and send. The only person that sees this photo is the crew at realjock doing the verification.
    icon_smile.gif its the easiest thing to do...and saves everyone a lot of hassle, and pointless arguing over someone that does not exist on this site.
    I love this site its great so lets keep it that way and get rid of the fakes that are causing problems.
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    Jan 31, 2008 4:12 AM GMT
    shoosh! hi there mr. "good-in-uniform-better-without"... how's tricks?
    take it easy there, mate... i know it can be frustrating at times, but believe me this site is the best one i've ever been to, as expressed in this thread i created:

    as for the subject at hand, i shed light on the same but in a different angle, the replies were v. interesting.

    oh btw, did i mention that my camera gave up on me? icon_lol.gif

    i plan to do that and write my handle below the text realjock123 ...would it be funny if i were in drag holding the placard? hahahahahahicon_exclaim.gif

    don't be too serious loveicon_cool.gif
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    Jan 31, 2008 6:34 AM GMT
    There are fakes on every site. The verify feature on this site is a good tool to verify members, but that's it. I dodn't think it can do much to cut down on fakes.
    First of all, noone can assume that just because a guy doesn't verify that he isn't legit.

    Second, I hear that fakes can still get through the verify process. I have several muscle friends who'd let me snap a pic of them holding a RealJock sign if I asked them. I'm sure the fakers have similiar connections.

    Good thing fakers are easy to spot.

    People who have one photo, but it looks like they usurped it from a Wal-Mart picture frame, might be fakes.

    People who are constantly using profanity are probably fakes, otherwise, why would they risk getting blocked from the site? The potty mouths are probably just imposters that plan on staying a while, shaking things up, and then disappearing.

    People who don't fill out all their stats, "about me," or "guys I like"...might be fakes.

    And guys who look TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...are often verified, LOL.
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    Jan 31, 2008 2:04 PM GMT
    I just got verified, and let me tell you, things are great.

    -One, I mysteriously won a "Super Troopers" DVD in a raffle.

    -Two, I got an "A" on my Monday quiz.

    -Three, I might have possibly cured cancer.
    (OK well maybe that's a stretch)

    I tell you guys, verification will turn your life around for the better!

    Ok, all joking aside it is super easy and you don't have to reveal your face to the public if you don't want to...the only face pics I have are in my private folder and that is OK!