Hi all

I have had a Pilonidal Sinus removed from my cocyx, so I have been resting in bed, face down for about 12 weeks so far.

I am getting chornic lower back pain which I think is due to atrophied lower back muscles and core and also poor posture.

I have been told by my specialist I am no longer able to do any of my sports - Rowing, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking and Snow Boarding - and also no longer allowed to do bent over rows, dead lifts, squats and crunches.

This is largely to reduce any chance of reinfection and to avoid injuries in that area etc

So....any clues as to what exercises I can do? upper body work should be okay, eg free weight and body weight exercise.

I am a bit flumoxed re legs and also core/abs work other than "plank" type exercises.

For cardio the only option I have is running - and I hate it.

Can any one recommend any decent sports that do not involve sitting or possible injury to the sacro-cocyxal area? And no I dont meen darts or snooker!