Does anyone here use Activtrax, and do you think it's a good workout guide?

FYI, Activtrax is a program that i think is computer-generated. At my gym, when i joined, i got a 'fitness evaluation,' and as part of it got this enrollment in the Activtrax free. Every time i goto the gym i punch in my info on their sometimes very frustrating windows computer, and it spits out a workout for the day for me. The workouts usually include a mix of upper and lower body exercises, roughly 10 of them, as well as suggested ab exercises for the day and a space to enter what cardio you do.

I could certainly find workout regimens elsewhere, but i like having that printed out sheet i can carry around with me [on a clipboard the gym provides, no less] and i as go on, the suggested weights increase and the exercises have moved from mostly machine to mostly free weights. I've put on some muscle with it but i wonder if the exercises are too spread out over the body to really build serious muscle.