RealJock Music: DJ Grind's April Podcast

DJ Grind April Podcast
ReaJock Music: DJ Grind DJ Grind's April Podcast
We love this mix! Check out the latest podcast from RealJock's very own DJ Grind, including a great mix of "Let It Go" from Dragonette plus 14 other songs from the Scissor Sisters, Demi Lovato, C-Rod, and more! Download it for free!

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About DJ Grind
San Francisco-based DJ Grind is a lover of upbeat, hands-in-the-air tracks that bring joy to the dance floor. He delivers an energetic mix of vocal house, electro-pop, and mash-ups at his two residencies—Pledge @ LookOut and D-Lish @ Harlot—and he regularly books some of the Bay Area’s biggest parties, including Fresh @ Ruby Skye.

DJ Grind previews new music on his daily blog, as a guest music critic on Sirius OutQ Radio, and via monthly podcasts that have been downloaded by fans in more than 40 countries. When he’s not DJ Grind, Stephen can often be found on his bike or in the pool, training for an upcoming endurance event. He's personally raised over $100,000 for San Francisco AIDS Foundation as a 6th year AIDS/Lifecycle participant and Greater Than One Wildflower Triathlete.

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DJ Grind March Podcast

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April Podcast Tracks

. Let It Go – Alexandra Burke
2. Let It Go – (Original Mix vs. The Knocks Remix) – Dragonette
3. Call Me Maybe (C-Rok RokCandy Remix) – Carly Rae Jepsen
4. The Night Out (Maison & Dragen Remix) – Martin Solveig
5. Music Won't Break Your Heart (Oxford Hustlers Club Mix) – Stan Walker
6. Only the Horses (Calvin Harris Extended Mix) – Scissor Sisters
7. Give Your Heart A Break (The Alias Extended Mix) – Demi Lovato
8. Glitter and Gold (Feverpitch Extended Mix) – Rebecca Ferguson
9. Every Breath (Bimbo Jones Remix) – Marc JB & Inaya Day
10. Girl Gone Wild (Rafael Lelis Remix) – Madonna
11. DJ Love Song (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix) – Shyra Sanchez
12. Raise Your Hands (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix) – C-Rod feat. Jason Walker
13. Dance Again (Rafael Lelis Haus Mix) – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull
14. Lights Are Fading (Original Mix) – Jono Fernandez feat. Twin Atoms
15. Princess Of China (eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Remix) – Coldplay feat. Rihanna