Accessorized Abs

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Stability Ball Knee Lifts
Place your forearms and hands on a stability ball in a “prayer” position, with hands knitted together and forearms flat on the ball. Take your feet back behind you into a plank position, so that your back is perfectly flat. Use your abdominal contraction to keep your hips from rising or sinking. Your feet should be shoulder distance apart for stability. From this position, keep your position flat and stable as you bring your right knee all the way in to touch the ball. Press that leg back to the starting position and repeat with the left leg. As you bring the alternating knees under you, use your abdominal contraction to control their movement. Do two sets of 60 alternating knee lifts, or 30 with each leg.

Additional Stability Ball Abs Exercises
Entranced by the big shiny ball? Try incorporating these other abs-focused stability ball exercises into your workout routines:
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Stability Ball Rollouts

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