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Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
Medicine Ball Crunches on BOSU Ball
BOSU balls are great for training balance, coordination, and core musculature. The micro-adjustments your muscles need to make to keep you balanced over the ball make almost any BOSU ball exercise a tough core workout.

Lie on your back on a BOSU ball, with the ball between your shoulder blades and lower back. Bend your knees and bring them up vertically, until your thighs are vertical toward the ceiling and your lower leg is parallel to the floor, perfectly horizontal. Take a medicine ball and place it on your shins, balancing it between your shins and ankles. Bend your elbows and place your hands behind your ears or ideally behind your head, elbows back and out to the sides. Keeping your lower leg horizontal, perform crunches: Generate your abdominal contraction and use it to lift your shoulders off the ball. Control that contraction to lower yourself back to flat. This is a small but very challenging range of motion—don't be surprised if you drop the ball or roll off the BOSU when you first try it. All the while, your legs should not move; use your abs to stabilize your legs and the medicine ball. Do two or three sets of 30 medicine ball crunches, depending on your fitness level.

Additional BOSU Ball Exercises
In many gyms, the BOSU balls sit neglected in a corner, gathering dust. This is unfortunate, as the BOSU is an excellent training tool. Incorporate some of these BOSU exercises into your workout regimen:
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