Scenes from the RealJock Bootcamp Training Week at Club Atlantis Cancun

Photo Credit: Tom Bianchi
On April 26 more than 600 men (and a couple of very cool lesbians) descended on Cancun, Mexico for Atlantis Events' Cancun Resort Week. These happy revelers swam, tanned, drank, danced, ate like pigs, snorkeled, slept, flirted, had sex (one would assume), watched shows, enjoyed comedians, waterskied, trapezed, and drank some more (it was, after all, an open bar). And when they weren't enjoying this non-stop fun, many of them worked their butts off attending the series of RealJock Bootcamp Training sessions with super trainers Billy Polson and Mike Clausen, co-owners of the award-winning DIAKADI Body personal training gym and creators of RealJock's 12-Week Workout programs.

The RealJock team had a blast at this event. Every morning a big group of guys showed up at 10:30 am for an intense hour-plus of training with Billy and Mike. On nights when there was no tea dance, we also offered an evening session. Each workout was totally different and very challenging. We had guys at every level from beginner to advanced; some showed up for almost every session, others when their muscles had recovered enough to allow it, and still others when they weren't too tired from the prior night's partying. We met so many cool men at this event, and we were really impressed not just with their hard work but with their openness to try new things. What a great group!

We could go on and on, but really the action photos from celebrated gay photographer Tom Bianchi tell it all. Check out the following 30 pages for photos from the RealJock Bootcamp Resort Week. A big thanks to Atlantis for sponsoring us and making the trip so enjoyable. We hope to see you at the next one!

Pictured above: Chad, the winner of the Bootcamp Resort Contest, plays in the water with his beautiful blushing bride boyfriend Gunner, who raises ball pythons and the rats to feed them as a hobby (how's that for breaking all gay stereotypes?). These Southern sweethearts turned out to be two of the nicest guys imaginable.

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