Great After 50: Five Gay Men Who Keep the Heads Turning

Photo Credit: Jay Jorgensen
Let's ease into this by starting with the youngest. For starters, meet Michael ("Mick") Patterson.

Mick's Stats
Age: 52
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190
Chest: 46"
Waist: 32"

This grant writer who lives in West Hollywood has been training with weights since he was just 15—and he's never stopped. Mike works out five days a week, with a regimen that includes four days on a treadmill, and, of course, daily abs work for the all-important ripped core. He strength trains, of course, with workouts that are split each day between legs, shoulders, pecs, arms, and back. This is a demanding program—and it usually takes him about two and a half hours to complete (he reminds us it's important to take a recovery between sets!).

But of course diet is a big part of looking like this for a lifetime. Mike remembers working at the Academy Awards in the 1980s, and chatting with one of the models who brought out the statues. The advice he got there has stuck with him ever since: Eat meat, fish, or protein, but only as long as it's boiled or poached and never fried. Eat carbs only before 6pm—and never, ever eat cheese. Also, avoid processed foods, and anything containing high-fructose corn syrup. And, of course, have a light splurge one day a week, just to indulge. Mike's lived by this ever since, and has the body to prove it.

Where does he get the motivation to push himself this hard even after blowing out those 50 candles? In a most unexpected place. "I've always done it. Gets me out of the house. I do it for myself and I'm not doing it for a date—but I do feel like I just want to have sex after it's over! My body is pumped and ready." Ooooo-kay!

Mike has a few suggestions for others to keep things fresh for the long gym haul: "Keep your eyes and ears open at the gym, look at what others are doing, and 'steal' from everyone if you like what you see." And keep reading—his favorite magazine has been Iron Man, which has great workout tips and photos to keep him inspired.

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