Great After 50: Five Gay Men Who Keep the Heads Turning

Photo Credit: Courtesy Steve Hodges
Moving up the chronological line, we have Steve Hodges, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, who now lives in Palm Springs and is, as he puts it, a "retired hair burner" (i.e., a cosmetologist).

Steve's Stats
Age: 55
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215
Chest: 50"
Waist: 32"

Steve is an inspiration. Diagnosed with AIDS in 1994, he knows that if he hadn't taken such good care of himself from an early age, he probably wouldn't be here to show the world, and himself, what is possible. Working out five to six days a week with 20 minutes of cardio and 90 minutes of weights does the job for him. Besides lifting in splits, he works his abs daily and feels that core exercises are the most important thing for keeping a body fit and hot.

Taking a lot of vitamins is of the utmost importance to Steve for keeping his body in balance, and he also supplements with some whey protein. As you'd expect, he watches his sugar intake, but he's not going to eat like a monk—if there's something he wants to indulge with, he doesn't beat himself up over it. Add to that never drinking or smoking and he feels that the body can't help but heal itself from the little nicks of life.

Steve says that younger guys often ask his age and, after they get their chins back up off the floor, ask him his secret. "Vanity is important," he says. "I love looking good in clothes. I owned a high-end salon and was always amazed by middle-age women and men clients who spent so much money on faces and never took care of bodies. I want to age well and to be an inspiration to anyone who wants it." His tips? "Set different goals and change workouts daily. Work smarter not harder. Don't just throw weights around, study… and hire a trainer if you have to."

His father, who passed away with complications due to AIDS, inspired him through example. "He never forced, just made it fun and always taught me to use it or lose it. Everything in moderation, keep things fresh and moving, but most of all make it fun."

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