Great After 50: Five Gay Men Who Keep the Heads Turning

Photo Credit: Courtesy Gerry Buncher
Older but no lesser, allow us to introduce Gerry Buncher, who'll be 60 in just two years.

Gerry's Stats
Age: 58
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 185
Chest: 46"
Arms: 17"

After pursuing a career as a social worker for 25 years, Gerry made a huge shift and became a personal trainer only a year ago. He saw a need for a specialized trainer who could work with older clients, based on their own skill levels, body type, and goals, and worked to fill that niche. His ideal clientele? "I'll work with anyone," he says, "but one day I would like to work mostly with clients 50 and over."

Gerry works out five days/week for 45 minutes per day. He varies free weights with machines, does his abdominal work, and busts out his cardio from home. "I stopped running because of my knees, so I walk 20 minutes, four days a week."

And, of course, he backs up this routine through diet, closely watching what he eats. But he eats six meals per day as part of his nutritional strategy—and one of them includes cookies, always. His particular taste is for "anything Trader Joe's," he says. But he's not only a cookie monster: "Also, I never go bed hungry and will have either nuts, raisins, fruit, veggies, tomatoes, celery, or cucumbers. First thing in the morning? Protein shake."

Gerry tells us that, "I want to be healthy until I can no longer work out, move or breathe and do it all 'til I'm 110. As a gay man living in West Hollywood, I want people to look at me when I walk into the gym. I didn't want to be invisible. I still have the 130-pound picture of me in my mind and I'll always try to get bigger." And we all know fear can be a motivator as well. "The future will hit you with a pot belly and saggy arms," he says, "and I thought, 'that's not for me'."

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