Great After 50: Five Gay Men Who Keep the Heads Turning

Photo Credit: Courtesy Doug Graham
And finally, I humbly submit….myself.

Doug's Stats
Age: 52
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185
Chest: 45"
Waist: 34"

When I was 20, I took a vow with my first lover that I would never let myself get out of shape. It's been a journey—but I've tried to stick with it. I work out six days a week, varying free weights and machines with sit-ups daily, and get my aerobics by taking dance class, and working on my own Master Classes that I teach as a former professional dancer.

I don't eat red meat (haven't for 10 years), and eat a basic bodybuilder diet. I eat good clean food, high protein, low carbs, and have managed to quell my sweet tooth by enjoying fruits of every season. But once in awhile…sure…bring on the Ben and Jerry's!

Why do I do it to this day? Having overcome a major health crisis in 2005 where I weighed 125 pounds, and was near death, and bouncing back to win the Silver Medal in the Gay Games for Physique in Chicago just nine months later, my story is for another article. But like all the guys in this article, I'm living proof that we can all beat the odds, and keep moving well into our second half century.

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