Going Bald: A Hairy Situation (With a Variety of Solutions)

By Jack Hafferkamp

You're right, your hair is going. Welcome to the club shared by almost all men, gay or straight. Sad to say, it's what our genes have in store for most of us. According to the American Medical Association, there is no known prevention for male pattern baldness. The only real differences among us are when it happens and how bad the damage is.

Of course, those two issues have inspired a robust industry devoted to hiding, treating, and preventing hair loss. At the low end we have stuff to stiffen up your comb-over and the rugs you can spot across a crowded room. At the high end we have doctors in surgical garb. And there are possibilities in between. But brace yourself—if you get anywhere, it will be because you have the time, money, and pain threshold to make it happen.

So what can you do about it? Well, you could just shave your head and go for the butch look, which works for a lot of gay guys. But if that's not your cup of tea (or if you have an unfortunately shaped head), read on. On the following pages, you'll learn more about baldness in men and its causes, plus the different treatment options available, from the super simple to the sort of scary surgeries (ouch). To help our members help each other, we've also created a RealJock forum on the topic of baldness, so people can talk about what worked for them—and what didn't.

Going Bald Quick Links
1: Going Bald Intro
2: The Causes of Baldness
3: Treatment Option 1: Hide It (Hairpieces)
4: Treatment Option 2: Regrow It (Drug Options)
5: Treatment Option 3: Move It (Surgery Options)

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