5 of 33—Meet Our First Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Let's begin with TheGayteKeeper. This handsome 5’8” man is 30 years old and lives in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. When we asked him to describe himself, he told us that, “My personality is fun yet firm. I love life and I know that it shows.” His greatest strength? “My desire to seek change and being open and honest with myself.” He’s planning on bringing all that positivity to the Weight-Loss Challenge, and he’s ready to turn over a new leaf—not to mention getting to eat a healthy diet that actually tastes good! It’s not his first diet, but he’s hoping that this time, Nu4You can make the difference: “My biggest obstacle [has been] finding a good combination of food that worked for me. Most diet plans tend to feel like you are doing something that is so boring and tedious. Well I feel that things are different this time because I have help real help. I am excited about this challenge and that says a lot.”

He sounds pretty great, huh? But hands off, fellas—this guy is very happily in a relationship. As he told us, “The man that I am is grounded by a very wonderful man who has confirmed my belief in love and life.” His partner, he says, is on board for the whole journey—and he sounds like quite a guy: “My partner inspires my life. When he came I knew it was meant to be. He doesn’t make me feel that I am fat or that something is gravely wrong with my weight. However, he does caution me on my mid-section and is constantly asking about our evening cardio sessions. So I know that I have his support and help because he knows that this is important to me and something that I need to do.”

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