5 of 33—Meet Our First Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Allow us to introduce Torquere. Here is one sexy 34-year-old man you are definitely going to want to get to know. Torquere’s RealJock profile describes him as "Outdoorsman/Artist/Trouble.” He is, he says, "a pragmatic high energy rebel, balancing lofty theoretics with an unflinching drive to explore. Most often, I think people see me as a rascal whirlwind of creative mania masquerading as a red bull.” Sounds intense—and it takes intensity to shave off the extra pounds. He’s also active—sailing, kayaking, scuba, hiking. About what you’d expect for a guy who describes himself as "a thick built outdoorsman of Austrian descent (my great grandparents are rumore to have carried houses on their backs...really!)." When we asked for photos, he sent us this great shot of him and Les Paul.

Torquere is supported by Marcello, his partner of seven years. He also has a couple of inspirations. “In life,” he says, he’s inspired by, “William Carlos Williams. He was more than just one thing, being both complex and conflicted. I appreciate what he did with it. I appreciate the awe he has of his own passions.” And in this contest, Torquere is looking to his oldest brother, who is an athlete, for that spark of dedication. “My oldest brother, the triathlete…consumes calories like Michael Phelps but also runs innumerable miles and swims innumerable miles and bikes innumerable miles each week with a heart that occasionally stops, three kids and no hearing in one ear. I always find excuses. He doesn't ever have an excuse.” And inspiration for him isn’t about looks—it’s about creativity, and living well. “Being pretty, in and of itself, has never made anyone I have ever met (porn industry and otherwise) an interesting person worth more than five minutes of small-talk. The people that have inspired me most were the ones that made their lives rich with experience, education, exploration and a bit of self-awareness. Being healthy is just an extension of that. I want to continue meeting inspiring people.”

We also would really like to eat dinner at his family table. We asked what his favorite food is, and got this mouthwatering description: “My mother-in-law makes this amazing 'pulpetone' which is like a meatloaf, only it is rolled like a swiss roll and in place of cream filling, there is a mix of greens and basil…delicious. I am not a cook, so I am always in awe.” So are we!

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