5 of 33—Meet Our First Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

NorcalDave (pictured at left) has a pretty exceptional story. A native Californian, he has twice been married to his (as he describes) “incredible loving husband who is so supportive,” during California’s two periods of legal gay marriage. Their first wedding anniversary is February 15, 2004; the second is June 17, 2008. And he wants to enjoy their marriage—hence his entry into the Weight-Loss Challenge, to stop letting the weight slow him down: “I miss being able to roller blade, go hiking with my husband, ride roller coasters and just enjoy life. I would love to be able to just take off my shirt and hang out by a pool or at the beach and not feel self conscious about it. I am tired of seeing an overweight version of myself in pictures. I am ready to get in shape, learn how to exercise and be good to my body. I want to be back in shape the way I was when I first met my husband eight years ago.”

Dave’s husband, Jeff, is also his inspiration during the challenge. And it sounds like Jeff is a pretty incredible guy. As Dave describes Jeff’s relationship to food, exercise, and love, it sounds like an admirable balance: “When we first met, one of the first things that I loved about [Jeff] was how he made time to take care of himself. I'd have to wait for him to finish up exercising or working out before he'd be ready to leave for places. I don't know how he does it but he also always has time for me. He is able to give me the encouraging word at just the right time to make me continue on. I know that I couldn't do this without him and that it is also because of him that I want to be a better person for him.

Dave’s favorite food? It’s a classic: “I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but you can give me a hot dog with Kraft macaroni and cheese any day and I would be a happy guy.”

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