5 of 33—Meet Our First Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

RebelOne is a 30-year-old resident of Oxford, Mississippi, and a native Mississippian. Still, only parts of his rural southern upbringing have stuck with him. “Growing up on a 30 acre farm,” he says, “and having access to my grandparents 300+ acre homestead gave me a love of nature, but not the love of hunting and fishing that the rest of my family have.” And his roots helped put him on the road to the Weight-Loss Challenge: “Since I lived in the country, I wasn’t able to participate in a lot of sporting activities. Also, I grew up on a typical Southern diet that includes a lot of fried foods.” Still, he’s really ready for a change, and he’s inspired by his high school class motto, “I have only begun the journey of what I am to become, the pursuit of excellence is never final.”

He’s also inspired by the memory of his brother. “My eldest brother Jamie has been in biggest inspiration on my life. Before he was killed in a car accident 18 years ago, he lived a life that treated everyone equally regardless of color, race, creed or socioeconomic status and he never meet a stranger. He valued integrity, loyalty and intelligence above all else.”

RebelOne has the support of people at his gym, where he’s had the courage to talk about the Weight-Loss Challenge, and start putting together a support network of guys to help, as he says, “keep me in check along the way.” We wish him every success!

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