5 of 33—Meet Our First Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Finally, it cannot be a secret to any regular of this site that Caslon—wait, what number is he these days? Ah! Caslon7000 has entered the challenge. It’s great to have one of RealJock’s most vocal and longest-standing members on board for the contest. We’re counting on Caslon to help encourage and, we’re sure, gently chastise, the other contestants, as he does with the membership at large. As most members probably already know, Caslon has had some health problems recently, and has re-emerged as a changed person. He sees the Weight-Loss Challenge as part of that process of renewal following his illnesses. As he told us, “My bout with cancer and thyroid trouble woke me up to the fact that my body was aging and needed attention to remain healthy. I could no longer take good health for granted. I have learned so much about the body and how visceral fat damages one's health that I know I have to get this fat off of me.”

That’s straight talk—exactly as we’d expect from Caslon, who, when we asked for his inspirations, told us, “My mirror inspires me. A look at my belly inspires me. Olden, a fellow RJ member, and I are in close contact with each other as we go through this challenge.” Individuality within the community seems to be Caslon’s talent, and, not surprisingly, he knows it. Our interview questions asked if there was anything else about him that he’d like the members to know. Caslon responded, with dry wit, “If they don’t know about me after 7000 posts, there isn’t anything more I can tell them that is going to make an impression.”

Go Caslon! Go guys! Check back next week for another round of Weight-Loss Challenge interviews.

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