Meet Five More RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Last week, we began introducing the fabulous participants in our RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge. That's 33 brave guys who are getting the best nutrition information and counseling there is, courtesy of San Francisco super-nutritionist Manuel Villacorta and Nutrition for You. Our goal: To give you the opportunity to get to know these guys and give them the kind of support and encouragement you’d expect from RealJock members. Now, in our second installment, we’ve got five more terrific guys we’d like to introduce. Check back each week for another group. Get to know them, drop them a line, give them some props!

Meet the Guys
5 More Guys Intro
Meet Rigsby
Meet Ctocity
Meet TigerFrank
Meet Jered
Meet Jkw69