Meet Five More RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Here's a great place to start. Rigsby is a true RealJock gentleman. This 62-year-old native Floridian joined the site to look for golfing partners, and stuck around for the new friends he made in forums. This kind of open attitude seems to be pretty typical of Rigsby, who tells us that he’s always learning. “Over the last many years,” he tells us, “I've tried to learn about healthy eating and exercise. I always think I'm doing well, but then I learn something new and improve. I'm hoping the Nu4You challenge will teach me about portion control and balancing of food groups/exercise. I really think that's the area I've been missing.” We’re sure Manuel and everyone at Nu4You will be happy to help him out.

Rigsby’s weight gain over the years came on slowly; as he tells us, “I was always very thin with a high metabolism growing up. My college years put on the freshman 50 (I know, it's supposed to be fifteen, but in my case it was a little more)…. The last time I gained weight was about twelve years ago, when I quit smoking—thirty-plus pounds. I've tried some weight loss plans in the interim, but none seem to stick. I need to find a new way of eating.” As the Weight-Loss Challenge gives him that new way, his partner of 38 years will be along for the ride: “Since he does the cooking, he will probably participate in the program. Also, my business partner (straight), who has been very encouraging and supportive to me in my participation in gay life, will be supportive in the program as well.” Sounds like Rigsby’s got a great team in his corner!

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