Meet Five More RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Ctocity is a busy guy. This 50-year-old Floridian has a BS in e-business and is working on an MBA in management technology. He tells us that he enjoys “computers, watching old movies, gardening, and cooking.” He’s also got a seriously big heart. “Since the early 90s,” he tells us, “I have always been taking care of other people. This is one reason I feel that I have gone up and down in weight over the years. When I take care of someone, I don’t really think of taking care of myself. I took care of my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer. Then I took care of my first husband who died of AIDS. Then I took care of my mom after her heart attack for almost 10 years. At the ripe old age of 50, it is finally time to take care of myself! I have been happily married to my husband Joe for the past 7 years and its time to get back into shape not only for myself but also for my husband!”

This youngest of four siblings also has a…unique life philosophy: “My idol Bette Midler once talked about everyone’s ‘fried egg’ on their head,” he says. “Everyone’s got a fried egg—some you can see and others you can’t—but everyone has one. My egg is my weight; someone else’s egg could be their health, or having a handicapped child—and someone else’s could just be being lonely. As pretty as someone can be on the outside, they truly could be a lonely person. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and warmth. You might not see his or her egg, but it’s there. I wish nothing but the best to everyone on this challenge as we all fight the fried eggs on our heads.”


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