Meet Five More RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge Participants

Jered is a serious football fan and flag football player who has spent his entire life engaged with issues of health and fitness. After growing up in a small Kansas town, Jered graduated from Kansas University with a Pharmacy degree. He went on to become a personal fitness trainer because, he tells us, he "wanted to work with people and be proactive in creating good health." This commitment to working with others has continued to lead him on new adventures: "I like coaching and teaching, and I enjoyed the physical aspect of training. Now, I teach and coach people on how to be successful entrepreneurs and how to become financially free." He sees the Weight-Loss Challenge as another step on his life’s journey toward true success. "Until recently," he says, "I didn’t believe in myself fully and I was holding myself back because of my sexuality. Therefore I would do OK but not excellent. It is time to be consistently excellent! I joined [the Weight-Loss Challenge] because it's a challenge and it was exactly what I needed. I know i need to transform; this system will provide a road map."

As an athlete, Jered has seen his body take many different forms over the years. "I have had big fluctuations in my weight," he says, "from 175 body building contest weight to 230 now. I have used food to elevate my mood—baked goods are usually what I use (pies, cookies, cakes, etc)." In fact, Jered is a cookie monster—chocolate chip cookies, to be precise. But this time, he’s ready to make a true change, and he’s got a great philosophy: "I am inspired by the successful people around me and myself…. My goal is to be an inspiration to others. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this group. The physical transformation is just a reflection of what's going on inside. Thank you for being an inspiration for transformation."

Jered, it is very much our pleasure.

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