Weight-Loss Challenge Participants Drop Nearly 200 Pounds in Four Weeks

We're halfway through the RealJock/Nu4You Weight-Loss Challenge, and our guys are closing in on the 200 pound mark! The participants have been losing weight following the advice and supervision of a nutrition team led by San Francisco nutritionist Manuel Villacorta and the interactive weight-management web site Nutrition for You. Of our original 33 participants, we've lost seven, which isn't surprising—this is a significant life change, and some people aren't yet ready to do it. Of the 26 who have stuck with the program, 96 percent have lost weight. In fact, they've lost a total of 197 pounds, which is an average of 7.6 pounds per person. One of our guys has even dropped a whopping 22 pounds—in four weeks!

We're so proud of all of our participants for making a change in their lives—and we're not even finished introducing them yet. This week, we profile five more Weight-Loss Challenge participants. Take a few minutes to get acquainted, and don't be afraid to drop them a line. Your encouragement can help carry them to the finish line!

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