Weight-Loss Challenge Participants Drop Nearly 200 Pounds in Four Weeks

Photo Credit: Shawnrt83
Here's a guy who has a lot of motivation to make a change. Shawnrt83 is 25 years old, from Champagne, Illinois, and only recently came out. That major life change, along with the death of his father from heart disease and diabetes when Shawn was seven, has pushed him to take his life back, and join the Challenge. "My dad smoked, had heart disease and diabetes, suffered numerous heart attacks and a couple of strokes. With this kind of history, I wanted to make sure that I did something to ensure I don't have the same fate. I want to be able to see my kids (if my partner and I ever have any) grow up and see them prosper." Before even joining the Weight-Loss Challenge, Shawn had lost 40 pounds on his own. "But," he says, "I've plateaued for the past month, so this really came at a good time."

Shawn is seriously determined. His motivational quote comes from Boris Pasternak: "Man is born to live, not to prepare for life." Until now, Shawn tells us, "Unfortunately, I've lived my life by the second part of that quote, always preparing and making plans but then never doing them. Not any more though, this is a new day. I am going to lose this weight, I am going to change my life. I am very blessed that I have many friends and family supporting me in this journey, and to all of them, they have my heartfelt thanks and love." We're proud to be among his supporters!

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