Weight-Loss Challenge Participants Drop Nearly 200 Pounds in Four Weeks

Photo Credit: SlightlySmallerBastiaan
SlightlySmallerBastiaan got a head-start on the Challenge. This 30-year-old transplant to Somerville, Massachusetts has already reduced himself from 410 pounds over two years ago to 220 pounds today. He was supported in that incredible journey by his family, which he says is "small, but we are close, so they have been a great support group." His father describes him as "organized chaos;" in general, he says, he's "spontaneous with a touch of chaos, very outgoing and driven. Others have compared me to the Energizer bunny."

Now that energy is directed at shedding the last few pounds he needs to totally transform himself. "I really needed help with the nutrition part of my routine," he says. "Also, I just want to lose that last five percent or so of body fat and maybe get down to 205, depending on how I look and feel at that point." And that last few pounds may be the toughest part of the journey. "I've always been big, weighing in at around 315 when I was 15. After high school I blew out my back showing off in the weight room and my weight skyrocketed to 415. I steadily lost the weight down to 212, but then gained back to 230, and now am sitting at 220, a weight even doctors told me I would never get to. I have been at a plateau for a while now and am hoping this contest will help me get over it." We hope so too—and we congratulate Bastiaan on his progress so far!

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