Weight-Loss Challenge Participants Drop Nearly 200 Pounds in Four Weeks

Photo Credit: USJock
We hope USJock won't mind if we point out that he is 26 years old, lives in Groton, Connecticut—and is really cute. But if you want to get to know him, you might have to make the first move. "I would say I am shy at first," he says, "until I get to know someone more." Once he knows you, though, he's up for fun and adventure. How would friends describe him? "Definitely a kind, caring guy that is straight-forward and doesn't like to deal with BS. Other people would describe me as kind and generous, and willing to help someone else." Sounds like a catch, doesn't he? Well, then, don't be shy! "I enjoy talking to others from the site," he tells us, "and hopefully can meet more friends or a special someone."

USJock has been working out for quite a while, and he's hoping that the Weight-Loss Challenge will help to strip off enough layers—so to speak—to let him show off all his hard work. "I wanted to lose my excess weight and be able to reveal the muscle I have been building underneath," he says. "After college, I decided to start lifting, and during that time gained quite a bit of muscle at the same time that I increased some of my fat. Now that I have muscled up, I want to be able to lose the excess and finally reveal what I have been working on the past year and half or two...." We're willing to stick around for a while to see that! And, with the nutritional education provided by Nutrition for You, he thinks he'll finally be able to do it. "I can do the cardio and lift the weights," he explains, "but when it comes to what I am supposed to eat I have always felt lost. This time I feel like I am being held accountable and have people who know and care whether I am going to make it or fail..."

Good luck USJock!

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