Weight-Loss Challenge Participants Drop Nearly 200 Pounds in Four Weeks

Photo Credit: Hcoy
Hcoy is a 22 year-old native of Niagara Falls, Ontario—and he's moved out of his parents' house for what he hopes is the last time. What better way to greet independence than with a new, streamlined body? Still, it's pretty clear that Hcoy has nostalgia for his hometown, and a flair for language. Describing his experiences growing up, he told us, "The neighbourhood was right on the edge of downtown, where we gave directions by the strip clubs, abandoned buildings, or other descriptions like 'the yellow house that burned down,' and 'the bar with the giant boobies in the window,' and was somehow occupied primarily by the elderly and a preacher." It's no surprise to learn, then, that this self-described "bookworm" grew up reading anything he could get his hands on. "Unfortunately," he tells us, "I didn't share the interests of the rest of my family, namely hockey, so I just did my own thing. Usually reading (whatever was lying around, including some self-help books...), puzzles, or playing with some form of building set."

When asked what prompted him to join the Weight-Loss Challenge, Hcoy had an uniquely philosophical explanation. "Complete lack of satisfaction with myself," he began. "It felt like the ultimate sign of incompetence to be unable to properly manage my own body. Considering I can't really go anywhere without it, it's really embarrassing having it make a constant spectacle of the fact that I have almost no knowledge of any of its user manuals. Kind of like wearing fluorescent underwear on top of your clothes, it seems like it stands out with a flashing sign pointing to it. If I'm going to feel that way about it, I should really tend to it. How could I possibly say "Here I am," if I haven't put any work into myself? This has been grating on me for a few years, and it's time I stopped procrastinating. It's not very becoming, after all." Wow. That is one self-aware 22-year-old man.

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