The Envelope, Please: Winners of Our Weight Loss Challenge Revealed

Our first RealJock/Nu4You Weight Loss Challenge is over, and...we have a winner! We'd like to congratulate the lucky guy, hear the secrets of success, break down the stats—and introduce our next challenge, set for January of 2009.

The Weight Loss Challenge began with 33 contestants, 23 of whom finished the program. As part of the Challenge, they received one-on-one counseling from Nutrition For You's expert nutritionists, and access to the Nu4You website where they were able to track their progress. After 9 weeks, our 23 guys had lost a collective 312 pounds. That's 1,092,000 excess calories saved! The average weight lost per person was 13.6 pounds, at an average rate of 1.5 pounds per week. Our biggest loser (sorry!) shaved off an amazing 30 pounds, and one contestant had a 13.5 percent weight-loss. And, it's not over—Nutrition For You's Dennis Allio emailed us just the other day to say that our contestants are continuing to lose weight, with an additional 14 pounds lost since the contest.

That continued weight loss is at least in part due to Nutrition For You's generous offer to extend a further three free months of counseling and website access to all of the guys who finished the challenge. In addition, the winner and second-place finisher both received a Polar F6 heart rate monitor and the winner also received a hand held body fat tester. The winners were chosen based on more than just the absolute number of pounds lost (in fact, our winner came in second in that category). Rather, Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD, Dennis Allio, and the rest of the Nutrition For You staff chose the winner based on his demonstration of a true lifestyle change. That included: percent body weight loss; record keeping; eating breakfast; exercise; monitoring weight; low-fat diet; and sportsmanship. The idea, says Manuel Villacorta, is that, "To make it successful people need to learn about behaviors, which they often don't want to see; if you change behavior you will be successful and continue to lose weight. We wanted to get these guys following core principles—eating throughout the day, eating a high fiber diet—really changing their lives. Our winner was chosen because he was the most consistent with all the behaviors, because that's where you make the lifestyle change." The proof is in the journals that the contestants kept, where, Villacorta tells us, "Most of the guys were convinced that this was a new way of living—they learned too much to go back."

To learn about our winners, and hear their tips for success, click through the next pages. Once you've been inspired by their example, you may want to give it a try for yourself. Good news: RealJock and Nutrition For You are proud to announce that we are going to run a second Weight Loss Challenge in January of 2009, to be run in combination with workout programs from Diakadi Body. Think you might like to be a contestant? Keep your eyes on, where details will follow in the coming weeks.

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