Surf and Turf: Photos From Our Puerto Vallarta Bootcamp Week

Photo Credit: Jeff Titterton
Last month, a group of us headed off for the second RealJock/Diakadi Body Bootcamp Training Week, this time located at Atlantis Events' Club Vallarta. It was an intense trip from start to finish. From our San Francisco gym we packed up over 100 pounds of equipment—medicine balls, three gauges of 50 foot rope, jump ropes, hurdles, TRX systems, cones, and 25 sets of exercise tubing—and headed down to Mexico for seven days of sun-filled, butt-kicking, bond-forging bootcamps.

These Atlantis bootcamp weeks provide a really special opportunity for guys looking to take a few days to both have some fun and get some new ideas for their workout programs. It's a great opportunity for the experienced gym rat to mix things up. At the same time, it is a week where people who have never worked with a good trainer get the opportunity to hear some individual form advice as well as program tips. This will help guys who do body-builder style workouts each week without alteration to break some nasty habits even as they push through some of their plateaus.

This time we were part of the Atlantis Events Week, with over 450 guests staying at the resort. We'd heard that the Events Week crowd was more about alcohol than exercise, and so we were concerned about how many folks would be interested in taking a break from the pool for a one-hour bootcamp workout. But after day one, when we had 30 people show up for class, we knew it would be another great week of fun workouts, heavy sweat, plenty of sand, and (I am proud to say) even some fat pounds lost for clients! And we weren't disappointed: throughout the week we had classes ranging from 20 to 40 guys from all over and with all levels of experience, and some days we were even running two bootcamps per day.

Part of the fun of the Puerto Vallarta bootcamps is, of course, the setting. And this time we had some great locations for our workouts—all of them outdoors—including a huge grassy field right by the beach, three huge pools, some killer resort stairs, an outdoor amphitheater, a long flat beach and, of course, the ocean. From every style and angle of body-weight movements, to partner fireman drags in the ocean, to dips poolside, we had guys finding (and feeling!) muscles they did not even know existed. We had a couple of incredible yoga cool-downs and partner stretches as the sun set behind us over the ocean. There were several times throughout the week that clients had huge 'aha!' moments as they saw the form and body work problems that had been keeping them from efficiently reaching their goals. And, the cooperation was incredible. We had guys from all levels and backgrounds, but everyone worked together and patiently helped each other out during every workout. Add that to the beauty of the landscape, and it was a pretty inspiring time.

All in all, this was all we hoped it would be—a week where some incredibly cool guys from around the world came together to push themselves in new ways. For guys looking to take a week to focus on fitness and new styles of workouts, I recommend joining us in 2009! And, if you'd like some inspiration in the meantime, we've got a great slideshow from the whole week. Enjoy the photos, and start planning for next time!

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