The First Five: Meet A Few of Our Fabulous Weight Loss Challenge Participants

Here's 1967mplsguy, a Pennsylvania native recently transported to Minneapolis, Minnesota (so he knows from cold!). This 41 year-old describes himself as a shy guy, but with a get-it-done attitude. But the move to Minneapolis has been hard on him. "I saw the last participants and thought about entering. Then I saw vacation pictures and could not fill out my entry fast enough. I only just started to have to battle weight. I was always the thin one that could eat anything. Once we moved, we were in a new area, with no friends and food became the friend. When my partner would travel, food became my companion. In the past years, I have picked up too much weight and I don't like it at all. Putting it out here is my motivation not to fail." We're looking to all of the RealJock community to offer help with that motivation!

Support is key in a challenge like this—and, in addition to our great RJ members and the Nutrition For You staff, 1967mplsguy has a great partner. More than that, however, he cites the importance of friendship. "I have a partner who is very supportive, but I am going through this journey with a friend that is also battling weight. We both have seen the bad and now want to see the good. It's a good journey to be on with a friend." We love to hear a pitch for friendship!

1967mplsguy also has a pretty great phrase to keep him on track: "You did not gain it in a day, you are not going to lose it in a day."

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