The First Five: Meet A Few of Our Fabulous Weight Loss Challenge Participants

FredPDX is "half Scots, part Spanish and part Native American." As he tells us, "I think that was a pretty lucky ticket in the 'genetics lottery' as a lot of people think I look at least 10 years younger than I am." Yeah, we'll take some of that! This guy also seems to have a lot of energy—and he's bringing it to the Challenge: "I have a pretty high tolerance for putting up with what other people seem to feel is adverse, and have fun with it. I think it's fun to drag a 70 pound trailer behind my bicycle to go camping, or haul a 40 pound or 50 pound pack on my back 15 miles into the back country to chill by a lake. I'm sure lots of people think it's fun to sit in cubicals and pay 50 dollars to fill up their gas tanks, but I'd rather ride my bike."

FredPDX is also a little bit counter-culture, in a fun way. "I'm not a big fan of popular culture or life style," he tells us. I've commuted thousands of miles a year by bicycle since I was 18, and I've always lived simply and don't get into massive 'CostCo/Walmart' consumption. I don't care about Brangelina, 'product' or haute fashion. My heroes are all geeks, like Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci and George Washington Carver." Well, it's pretty hard to quibble with that list. We're very glad to have FredPDX along for the ride.

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