The First Five: Meet A Few of Our Fabulous Weight Loss Challenge Participants

Meet dr_jackl, a guy with a pretty specific set of goals for the Challenge. He's going for the Holy Grail—the six-pack. This is a long-time quest for this long-time RealJock member, and he's hoping to have finally found the answer in Nutrition For You's unique balance of nutrition information and support along with great workouts from Diakadi. "In my journeys of trial and error, I've often encountered the saying that 'nutrition is 80 percent of the solution' or that 'abs are made in the kitchen.' So to hear that RealJock's Challenge had support from expert nutritionists perked my ears and I was delighted to have been accepted." Even so, he reminds us, the quest for the six-pack is itself, "fueled by a community that upholds such values to a degree far beyond the already high expectations our greater society imposes on such surface features."

Dr_jackl reminds us that part of the effectiveness of the Challenge lies in its ability to provide consistency. "My biggest obstacle was the ability to adopt healthy lifestyle habits past the timeframe of a couple of months," he says. "I would get frustrated when I plateaued and impatient when the changeups I tried did not work. I hope with expert advice and support, I can be better assured that I am in fact always on the right path." And so far, it seems to be going well—as Dr_jackl gives props to the Nu4Youa> site: "I've been really surprised at the effectiveness of expert nutritionist advice that is web-based. I still feel that it'd be great to meet one of these nutritionists in person, but there are certainly a lot of benefits with being able to use the tools right off your computer."

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