The First Five: Meet A Few of Our Fabulous Weight Loss Challenge Participants

And here is venomANDlimes, a Texas native and Army vet—who served as a medic for four years, including a 15 month tour in Iraq. We figure this guy has got to be tough, but no stereotypes here, please: "I can be a strong-willed individual and then turn around and be a sobbing little boy by simply watching a sad movie. I am still trying to figure out who I am and what makes me happy." Awww….

After leaving the Army, this 27 year-old decided to get serious about his health. As he puts it, "There is too much I want to do in this lifetime that I don't need to be impeded by my health." We definitely second that emotion! But everyone needs a little inspiration. Where does our guy get his? From…grandma. "In my short life I have met numerous people who have inspired me, but the one person who I think about every day is my grandmother. She died when I was in third grade and I miss her every day. It's hard to say what life would be life should she had lived but I do know it would have been a lot different."

Does anyone have a Kleenex? Sniff.

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