The First Five: Meet A Few of Our Fabulous Weight Loss Challenge Participants

TexasBrian14 is 24, a Texas native (duh), and a college senior. He’s been battling his weight since high school, and in particular a bit of a fast food habit. But look out, because this guy has serious energy, and a sense of fun. A self-proclaimed afficionado of “any of the 80's hair metal bands”, TexasBrian14 also has an alter ego he calls “Miss Eva Divine”—and she likes to come out on fun occasions. Uh oh!

TexasBrian saw our article announcing the Challenge, and was encouraged by his roommate, Ashton, to apply. TexasBrian14 describes Ashton as his “number one supporter on my journey.” This is some roommate, as TexasBrian14 describes him: “Ashton is the one who will yell at me to go run the lake, and the one who will ask me if I have written down what I have put in my mouth. Ashton has been my roommate and best friend for about three years now. We are both Leos and have a very competetive nature—especially when it comes to tennis.” We love to see our Challenge guys finding support from friends and loved ones, but we wouldn’t mind watching a good tennis match, too!

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