The Final Four: Introducing Our Last Group of WLC Guys

We are in the home stretch here, guys. Eight weeks of the Weight Loss Challenge have been completed, with three to go. How are our guys doing? Of the original 25, 16 remain active, and of that intrepid crew, all have lost weight! And not only have they lost weight, they've lost a collective 248 pounds, or an average of 15.5 pounds per person. One participant has lost fully 11 percent of his body weight. That is nothing to sneeze at!

Where do they stand? In the lead in terms of percent body weight are: COJock1974, dr_jackl, SimonChgo, Texasbrian14, and Davis510.

Total score in the Challenge depends on more than just loss of pounds, however. There's record-keeping, working out, keeping counseling sessions, eating breakfast....a host of behaviors designed to help our guys make a permanent lifestyle change. So, in terms of the total score, the leaders are: Chitownstud70, dr_jackl, FredPDX, SimonChgo, and DFW54.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here, because we haven't yet introduced all our guys! Today, we've got four more for you to meet. Get acquainted with them now—while you can still recognize them!

Meet the Guys
Four More Intro
Meet COJock1974
Meet DFW54
Meet Caliboy
Meet Transformation2008