Sun, Sweat, Sand: See Photos From Our Recent RJ/Diakadi Cancun Bootcamps

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Mike Clausen
Last month, RealJock and Diakadi Body once again partnered for a Bootcamp Training Week, offered through Atlantis Events at Club Atlantis Cancun. This is the third time we've taken workouts to participants (including many RealJock members!) in Atlantis' all-gay resort weeks, each held in a beautiful and exotic location. Between the fabulous setting and the 600 or so gay men there to swim, sunbathe, sightsee, and generally have a great time, you can imagine that things got pretty lively.

The RealJock/Diakadi Atlantis bootcamp weeks are the perfect mix of fun and sweat. In the morning, Diakadi trainers Billy Polson and Mike Clausen run a vigorous outdoor bootcamp. For this most recent week, the classes got seriously big, with 60 participants most days. As Billy and Mike describe the philosophy, "Each day was a different workout, focusing on either push movements, pull movements, or legs, as we made our way around the resort—from the gym to the basketball courts to the grass alongside the ocean. We finished each workout with a water-related activity, such as dragging a partner through the ocean, or having the group do shoulder presses with another participant as the lifted weight!" For the shy guy, this is an opportunity to make new friends—fast. On the friendships that form, Mike told us, "The great thing about the bootcamps is that they really helped to develop a strong bond between all the participants. We would group people each day so that they were usually working with someone new, which allowed for new friendships to be made."

After the morning workout, the rest of the fun of Atlantis Cancun begins, with nearly limitless activities, including swimming in the pool or the ocean, waterskiing and wakeboarding (in a lagoon with crocodiles!), snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, trapeze...the list goes on. On some evenings, Atlantis offers themed-T dances. When they didn't, ReaJock and Diakadi filled in the gap with an evening workout, each one ending on the beach with yoga and meditation at sunset. The idea of the workouts is not to just repeat what people do in the gym at home, but to take the opportunity of a new setting and a refreshed mindset to find creative ways to work the body, and help people pull out of their typical routine of lifting weights. As Billy and Mike put it, "We wanted to rejuvenate the body and mind, and show the guys and girls (yes, real girls—we had one that came to most of our classes), that they should be using functional movements and corrective exercise when working out." It's the perfect vacation routine, designed to send you back to your everyday life feeling reinvigorated.

Of course, a gay resort week is going to be largely about fun, and the workouts were mostly in the morning—at 10:30, but still, after a late night of margaritas, that takes commitment. So we're particularly proud of RealJock members Madtown, TommyBoyFrench, Olivibear, and Jeffstyr for being among only seven people to do every single one of the week's nine workouts! In the end, this was a seriously great way to relax, make new friends, and cut loose a little. The bootcamps are an added bonus for anyone looking to have a healthy vacation among a bunch of fitness-friendly gay men. Plans are in the works for another week of RealJock/Diakadi Atlantis bootcamps in early November. In the meantime, we'd like to offer you a little inspiration with a slideshow from this most recent week in Cancun. You may get a suntan and a six-pack just looking at them!