Meet Some Real Great Guys—The Men of the Gotham Knights Rugby Club

Photo Credit: Gotham Knights
RealJock friends the Gotham Knights, a D3 rugby team from New York, New York, have released a new calendar to sponsor their team. Given the inclusive nature of the team—who range, as a team member told us, from "gay to bi to straight, with some guys married, some with boyfriends, some with a straight brother on the team"—we leapt at the chance to preview some of the calendar pics, and introduce RealJock members to a bunch of great, real guys who play hard and have fun.

The calendar's photos were taken last winter on the streets of Manhattan, and in the basement of Gym Bar on 8th Ave. in New York. Gym Bar is, the team tells us, a favorite hangout for New York gay sports teams after practice or tournaments and games. The perfect venue to get acquainted! If you're interested in learning more about the Gotham Knights—and, of course, buying the calendar (the holidays are coming, guys!), check out their site.

This is Robin from Seattle, who's on the calendar's cover. He's twenty-one, and we're told he runs very fast. We bet!