Gay Games sports shots

Photo Credit: Betty Lark Ross for Gay Games VII
Gay Games athletes braved the heat and humidity again on Monday, the second full day of Gay Games sporting events, working hard but having fun as they kicked, hit, knocked, scored, threw, and swam their way to their personal bests—plus a few early medals. Sweat poured on and off the field, but so did the smiles. Unlike many cutthroat sporting events we've attended, a sense of community and camaraderie pervades these Games.

RealJock attended basketball, soccer, tennis, and water polo today, where we watched as gay men and lesbians proved once again that they could easily compete with the best of them—and look good doing it. Later, after showering off the thick layer of heat-induced-slime, we hit the Team SF party at the Chicago Hilton, where we hobnobbed with athletes, had a good time, and enjoyed our $4 bottles of water (yes, $4 bottles of water; perhaps it had gold flecks or fairy dust in it?).

But don't trust our word for it. Check out this slideshow roundup of Monday's Gay Games sports.