Gay Games VII: San Francisco Rock Dogs play hard

Photo Credit: Nicolas Smith
The basketball courts at Gay Games VII don't just heat up because of the weather. The players here on both the men's and women's teams can best be described as beautifully talented. Many of the top ranked teams have former college players in their ranks, and you can feel the heavy competition in the air with each clomp of their size fourteen feet. While the Gay Games purports to focus on personal achievement and doing your best, the men and women on these courts obviously want one thing—to win.

A men's team favorite this time around is the San Francisco Rock Dogs. The Rock Dogs lost by one point to Sydney champions the LA Heat, and they're here again looking for gold.

RealJock had the chance to watch the Rock Dogs work the floor against another team of basketball giants—the New York Warriors—then sit down with their coach, DeMarco Majors, and one of their star players, Rory Ray, to get the scoop on what it means to be a Rock Dog.

Check out our interviews with these two real jocks on the next two pages, then browse through RealJock's photos of their heated game with the Warriors.